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Pinpoint and track your incoming targets

Quantify, qualify and leverage your current digital audience, grow ad revenue opportunities, and expand and strengthen your niche audience reach with VI-DAR


Traditional Analytics reporting only offers a basic, retroactive view of your visitor traffic. VI-DAR elevates your audience insights so you can better connect with your readers in real time. You will know more about both who is engaging with you and who is not so you can adjust your strategy.

Like RADAR’s signal tuning technology, VI-DAR will:

✔ Identify visitors along with enriched information including company name, size and industry so you can duplicate and target your best-fit audience,

✔ Alert you at the moment your target readers or those showing high intent are actively engaged,

✔ Validate the performance of your digital assets so you can provide advertisers with a the readers that they are counting on, and

✔ Elevate your audience insights to more deeply understand how audience segments are interacting with your content.

VI_DAR Image 1_edited.png
Our starter plan includes a FREE 2-week trial with standard reporting.
Set-up fee is $1,250 with monthly fees starting at $169/month
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