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As few as 65% of your emails reach the inbox - learn why!

One of my clients recently had a run in with (a) Barracuda - a top 3 security, application delivery and data protection solutions provider and one of the arbiters of your all-important email sender reputation.

Two, count 'em, two, URLs were marked as spam by Barracuda within days of each other - a new twist I've never seen before and a new threat in email senders ability to get messages delivered.

The blacklist took only a few hours to get removed, but the incident sent me on a weeks' long trip down the rabbit hole of email deliverability. Until now, I'd always believed that maintaining good sending practices and an excellent sender reputation were the keys to getting messages into inboxes.

Boy, was I wrong. And this Email Deliverability Benchmarks webinar from Validity webinar showed me just how I wrong I was! It's worth watching and sharing with colleagues (read: anyone and everyone!).

You'll never look at email deliverability the same way again!

The MAGY Monopoly


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